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We are open Monday thru Friday 7:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

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Yes, you can pick up the material yourself with an open bed pickup truck or trailer. We only sell our material in full yard increments. At this time there is a 1 yard minimum per sale and we do not sell half yards. Please bring a tarp.

We offer full semi-truck load deliveries state-wide.  We offer small load deliveries locally.

We do not offer installation or landscaping services.

Apply landscaping material at least three inches deep for weed prevention and moisture retention.  Playground chips should be installed per your application needs. State and local regulations may dictate your application requirement so you should consult a licensed proffessional to answer these questions. 

Mulches applied at a depth of at least three inches generally last two to three years before they need refreshing with a new layer.  Although the color may change before that time, the water retention, weed prevention, and other benefits remain the same.  Color mulches retain their color for approximately two years with minimal overhead watering.

Our recycled and colored mulch products are made from ground up fence boards, pallets, lumber, construction and demolition scrap, tree trimmings, and other post- and pre-consumer wood waste.  We use industrial strength magnets and other cleaning methods to remove metal and debris from our products, however, there still may be metal, plastics and other debris  in our recycle based products.

Our colorants are non-hazardous and completely safe for children, pets, trees, shrubs, plants, and the environment.  Our colorants are water-based (rather than solvent-based) and free from harmful toxins.

Our products have not been treated with a fire retardant.

Our products are not certified organic at this time.