IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING OUR PRODUCTS



Please note we use recycled wood, cedar, sawdust, compost etc. that may cause allergic reactions. If you are sensitive to dust, scents, dyes, physical irritants etc. use precaution and excercise due dilegence in purchasing products that can cause reactions. We do not recommend any product for any purpose. We are a wholesale supplier and are not a landscape professional, consult with a licensed landscaper if you need recommendations regarding the proper application of materials.

** Our products go thru routine screening and testing to ensure that they do not contain toxins or hazardous materials as established by the industry standard. For further information please call our office. 


         Prop 65 Warning

Wood Dust, Diesel and its constituents have been identified by the state of CA to cause cancer and or birth defects. Our products and facility may contain these and other substances that are listed as requireing a warning under Prop 65.