wood chips

Econo #2

  • $13.50 C.Y. Picked Up ** Recylcled products may contain foreign debris**
  • Small size ground up recycled wood with some fines
  • Good economical ground cover
  • Excellent for early mulching
  • Commonly referred to as Mini Path Mulch

Playground Chips

  • $40.00 C.Y. Picked Up
  • Clean virgin wood chips (no recycled wood)
  • Attractive mulch around trees and plants
  • Commonly used in public and private play areas (Check your specific application for suitability, this product may not comply with all required standards and intended purposes.)

Econo #5 - Out of Stock

  • $10.00 C.Y. Picked Up
  • Medium size ground up recycled wood with fines removed
  • Good economical ground cover
  • A true recycled product that may contain small amounts of foreign matter

Golden Nuggets

  • $22.75 C.Y.  Picked Up 
  • Wood chips with fines removed ranging in colors from light brown to red
  • Attractive mulch around plants and trees
  • Ground cover for large areas and pathways
  • Ground cover for heavy foot traffic areas
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