Ground Cover

  • Beneficial for trees, plants, and soil
  • Retains moisture in soil
  • Regulates soil temperature
  • Prevents soil erosion
  • Provides weed control
  • Provides mud control

Cedar-Fir Chip Mix

  • $25.00 C.Y. Picked Up 
  • Fragrant and aromatic mix
  • Long lasting color
  • Made with virgin-non recycled wood chips
  • Great for weed control
  • Good water retention
  • An economical chip for parks and recreational areas

Econo #2

  • $12.00 C.Y. Picked Up ** Recylcled products may contain foreign debris**
  • Small size ground up recycled wood with some fines
  • Good economical ground cover
  • Excellent for early mulching
  • Commonly referred to as Mini Path Mulch

Walk- On Fir Bark

  • $40.00 C.Y. Picked Up
  • Great economical grade Fir Bark
  • Attractive mulch around plants and trees
  • Ground cover for large areas and pathways
  • Ground cover for heavy foot traffic areas

Single Grind Shredded Redwood Bark

  • $16.50 C.Y. Picked Up
  • Shredded redwood bark that ranges in color from red to brown naturally
  • Fibrous matting properties
  • Excellent top dressing in windy or sloping areas
  • Provides good water retention
  • Excellent erosion and weed control

Playground Chips

  • $31.50 C.Y. Picked Up
  • Clean virgin wood chips (no recycled wood)
  • Attractive mulch around trees and plants
  • Commonly used in public and private play areas (Check your specific application for suitability, this product may not comply with all required standards and intended purposes.)

Econo #5

  • $10.00 C.Y. Picked Up
  • Medium size ground up recycled wood with fines removed
  • Good economical ground cover
  • A true recycled product that may contain small amounts of foreign matter

1/8"-3/8" Fir Bark

  • $45.00 C.Y. Picked Up
  • Smallest size fir bark decorative ground cover
  • Good for all mulching and ground cover applications
  • Excellent in small planting areas and potted plants
  • Material ranges in sizes from 1/8 inch to 3/8 inch

Small Fir Bark

  • $45.00 C.Y. Picked Up
  • Chunky fir bark decorative ground cover
  • Popular for all mulching applications

Medium Fir Bark

  • $45.00 C.Y. Picked Up
  • Chunky bark decorative ground cover
  • Stays in place even in windy areas
  • Excellent in landscaped areas around pools

Color Mulch

  • $20.00 C.Y. Picked Up
  • Color enhanced recycled & virgin wood chips 
  • Non-toxic natural colorant
  • Available in Brown, Red, and Black
  • Colored Mulch is available in different colors and sizes
  • Excellent for all mulching applications
  • Minimizing overhead watering will prolong the vibrant color of this mulch
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